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The below article is from the National Institute of Aging Archives

Exercise and Aging

Getting Past the Barriers To Exercising
Many older adults are reluctant to start exercising, even though they know that it's one of the healthiest things they can do. The reasons vary: Some older people are afraid that physical activity will harm them; others might think they have to join a gym or have special equipment and are concerned that they won't be able to afford it. Still others may feel embarrassed to exercise because they think it's for younger people or for people who look great in gym clothes. Some think exercise is only for people who are able to do things like jogging.

The fact is that just about every older adult can safely do some form of physical activity at little or no cost. And you don't have to exercise in a public place or use expensive equipment, if you don't want to, although some older adults do prefer to do it that way.

Even household chores can improve your health. The key is to increase your physical activity, by exercising and by giving up today's automated devices and using your own muscle power.

Who Can Exercise?
Our society protects older people from doing physical tasks. That mindset has led to poor health and disability for millions. In reality, there are few health reasons that should keep older adults from exercising and increasing their physical activity, no matter their age. If you have any doubts about exercise, talk to your doctor first, so that you will feel safe and that you are doing the right thing. Studies show that, in the long term, older adults in all age groups hurt their health far more by not exercising than by exercising. Let's get rid of the old mindset and start a new one: As a rule, older people should stay as physically active as they can.

Here are the facts:
Exercise can help older people feel better and enjoy life more, even those who think they're too old or too out of shape.
Most older adults don't get enough physical activity.
Lack of physical activity and poor diet, taken together, are the second largest underlying cause of death in the United States. (Smoking is the #1 cause.)
Regular exercise can improve some diseases and disabilities in older people who already have them. It can improve mood and relieve depression, too.
Staying physically active on a regular, permanent basis can help prevent or delay certain diseases (like some types of cancer, heart disease, or diabetes) and disabilities as people grow older.

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