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Anti- Aging and Alcohol

Physical Effects of Alcohol- Alcohol slows down brain activity. Because alcohol affects alertness, judgment, coordination, and reaction time--drinking increases the risk of falls and accidents. Some research has shown that it takes less alcohol to affect older people than younger ones. Over time, heavy drinking permanently damages the brain and central nervous system, as well as the liver, heart, kidneys, and stomach. Alcohol’s effects can make some medical problems hard to diagnose. For example, alcohol causes changes in the heart and blood vessels that can dull pain that might be a warning sign of a heart attack. It also can cause forgetfulness and confusion, which can seem like Alzheimer’s disease......

How to Recognize a Drinking Problem? Not everyone who drinks regularly has a drinking problem. You might want to get help if you: 1.Drink to calm your nerves, forget your worries, or reduce depression 2.Lose interest in food 3.Gulp your drinks down fast 4.Lie to try to hide your drinking habits 5.Drink alone more often 6.Hurt yourself, or someone else, while drinking 7.Were drunk more than three or four times last year 8.Need more alcohol to get "high" 9.Feel irritable, resentful, or unreasonable when you are not drinking 10.Have medical, social, or financial problems caused by drinking

....Older problem drinkers have a very good chance for recovery because once they decide to seek help, they usually stay with treatment programs. You can begin getting help by calling your family doctor or clergy member. Your local health department or social services agencies can also help.

Reminder: Moderately vigorous exercise is a natural way to boost your pituitary's output of HGH Human Growth Hormone. Caution: with any exercise program start slowly and check with your physician beforehand. HGHcompany HGH often gives us more energy. Why not use this energy to exercise just a bit more? Consistent exercise often causes people to drink less.

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