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Psychological Reasons Why We Don't Exercise

The following excerpt is from the online free read self help book, Be Your Own Therapist.

There is not likely to be one psychological reason you avoid physical play (i.e., exercise). Instead, there are many possible reasons, which may require some change on your part if physical play is to be a regular, routine part of your life. Psychological (sometimes unconscious) causes often are:

(1)I am following in a parent's footsteps. That parent was sedentary and believed vigorous exercise was not OK. Me too.

(2)I need to shut down parts of my body because of trauma. Structured exercising or physical play would trigger trauma buttons that I wish to avoid. I learned as an infant or young child that my body is not OK.

(3)I believe I am weak (most of us have this kid belief within us to some degree). Therefore, I prove it today by being weak as a result of not exercising.

(4)I believe competition is bad so I avoid exercise. I do not realize that my labeling competition as bad is part of my difficulty.

(5)By avoiding exercise, I gain weight, which feels like added protection against an "unsafe" world.

For most of us, reasonable fitness can be accomplished in 30 minutes a week.

(6)I have been traumatized to believe that it is not OK to feel good, so I feel "yucky" all the time by not exercising.

(7)If as a child I was traumatized to be inactive, rigid or passive, then vigorous activities may feel dangerous (though I may hide the fear from myself and give myself another rationale).

The above list is certainly incomplete. I suggest that you create your own. It will likely be productive for you in making your life more vigorous.

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