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Couch Potato Benefits

The following excerpt is from the online free read self help book, Be Your Own Therapist.

There are several benefits(?) that accrue to those of us who decide that being an immobile couch potato is the route we shall follow:

(1)We cherish our 43 extra pounds. We relish being droopy and draggy, without much energy.

(2)We come to enjoy firsthand, up close and personally, more cancer operations, heart bypasses and other modern day medical miracles

(3)Because of being overweight, we become sexually irresistible to others. The quality and quantity of our sex lives know no bounds.

(4)We can avoid feeling, thinking and loving.

(5)We gain the opportunity to die early.

What wonderful benefits!

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For most of us, reasonable fitness can be accomplished in 30 minutes a week.

Reminder: Moderately vigorous exercise is a natural way to boost your pituitary's output of HGH Human Growth Hormone.

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