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Awakening And Revitalizing The Bodily Senses

The following excerpt is from the online free read self help book, Be Your Own Therapist.

Is your hearing dulled and closed down, causing you to miss the bird's warbling? Do you seem to have tunnel vision, thus overlooking the sparkle of the visual details around you? Have you really tasted and smelled a lemon recently? Do you customarily feel sensual pleasure in the heat or cold of your surroundings?

Our ape/chimp cousins do a lot of touching; we would have a happier healthier society if we also touched each other more.

Most of us have dulled our senses. To invigorate them may require therapy, but not necessarily. I recommend that you practice some of Dr. Fezler's images found in Creative Imagery, a book that I also recommended in Chapter 2 for the development of sparkle. His images will also strongly promote the awakening and revitalization of the bodily senses.**

Celebrating. Say the following aloud with feeling. I appreciate the health my body does have. I am grateful for my taste, smell, touch, hearing and sight abilities. I appreciate ______ (you fill the blank).

Reminder: Moderately vigorous exercise is a natural way to boost your pituitary's output of HGH Human Growth Hormone.

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