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The following excerpt is from the online free read self help book, Be Your Own Therapist.

Actually, the testing you do on yourself for food allergy will be the most accurate of all, if done carefully. Why? Because when you test yourself by eating your suspected foods, your individual unique absorption and digestive processes are part of the test. Your bodily reactions will tell you explicitly if that food is good or bad for you.

Foods rarely eaten such as pomegranates and pigs' livers are unlikely to be addictive allergy problems. It is those foods you often crave or are regularly in your diet that are the ones to which you are most often addictively allergic.

It is a common belief that we know most of the foods to which we are allergic or are intolerant. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

Testing for addictive food allergy is not that hard. See Appendix D (end of this chapter -online edition) for instructions if you do not have Dr. Mandell's book available. You have nothing to lose except possibly a few of your worst "psychological" problems. (See the beginning of this chapter for the list of these "psychological" problems that have at times been caused solely by allergies.) TEST YOURSELF ASAP!

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The most accurate food allergy testing is done by you, not by some "scratch" test.

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