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The following excerpt is from the online free read self help book, Be Your Own Therapist.

If you have one of the difficulties on the list at this chapter's beginning, then I suggest that you test yourself for a possible addictive food allergy. I am not suggesting that you get an old-style medical test for allergies. Those tests have proved to be inaccurate.

Almost ANY "psychological" symptom can be caused by food allergies/ intolerances. Have you tested yourself for these allergies/ intolerances?

Testing your blood for allergic reactions will yield false results. This is because your body in real life reacts not to the food itself, but to what passes through digestive walls. For example, if a specific food is made of chemicals I J K & L, the digestive process will change some of those chemicals. What is then absorbed through digestive walls and eventually into the blood may be chemicals I J O & P. Absorbed chemicals/foods are what cause allergic reactions, not chemicals K & L, for example, which never get absorbed. Thus, blood tests are often inaccurate. So too are the old-style scratch tests. They depend upon the body developing a special blood reagin which will cause the redness in a scratch test. Reagins are not always developed. Therefore, the scratch test is also notoriously inaccurate. There are some reliable allergy tests that are now available, under-the-tongue and inhalation tests among others. I suggest that you be an informed medical consumer and ask your physician about the reliability of whatever allergy testing is being done.

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The most accurate food allergy testing is done by you, not by some "scratch" test.

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