It helps to have the ability to laugh a bit at our aging bodies and minds. Sometimes that is about all we can do, to accept and laugh about the fact that we no longer look or feel as young as we did a few years ago.


Archived Aging Joke

When I was in my younger days,
I weighed a few pounds less,
I neednít hold my tummy in
To wear a belted dress.

But now that I am older,
Iíve set my body free;
Thereís comfort of elastic
Where once my waist would be.

Inventor of those high-heeled shoes
My feet have not forgiven;
have to wear a nine now,
But used to wear a seven.

And how about those pantyhoseó
Theyíre sized by weight, you see,
So how come when I put them on,
The crotch is at my knees?

I need to wear these glasses
As the prints were getting smaller;
And it wasnít very long ago
I know that I was taller.

Though my hair has turned to silver
and my skin no longer fits,
On the inside, Iím the same old me,
Just the outsideís changed a bit.

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