It helps to have the ability to laugh a bit at our aging bodies and minds. Sometimes that is about all we can do, to accept and laugh about the fact that we no longer look or feel as young as we did a few years ago.


Archived Aging Joke

On my birthday, some of the gang at the rest home gave me a party. Some of the little old blue-haired ladies bought me a present...some damn Viagra pills.

Well...I decided to try 'em out. the first one I took got caught in my throat. 10 minutes later I developed a damn STIFF NECK...for about 2 hours.

Next, I tried mixing them little blue pills with my Rogane hair growing ointment. When I woke up the next morning...I had STIFF HAIR...looked just like Don King.

I guess my worst experience was when I mixed my Viagra with Ex-Lax.

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