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Hgh : Age-Reversing Miracle (Woodland Health Ser) by Rita Elkins


An inexpensive book for invaluable information!

Reader Review:
Numerous studies have shown that by increasing your own HGH levers you can reverse the signs of aging in your body. This works internally, no plastic surgery required. Until recently, one of the only ways to increase HGH levels in the body was by injections and those cost over one thousand dollars a month. The simpler and more cost effective way is to....

List Price: $3.95 Paperback - 32 pages (January 1999) Woodland Publishing; ISBN: 1580540392 ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.19 x 8.53 x 5.48

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Anti Aging Tape Text Excerpt - Maximizing HGH: "Maximizing Path#4. You may want to start changing those specific food behaviors that are causing your HGH&IGF1 levels to bottom out; such food behaviors may be changed by using affirmations and psychological smarts."

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