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The Ageless Woman by Serafina Corsello M.D.


Book Description:

Century after century, people have searched for elixirs and magic bullets to add years to their lives and life to their years. Now, in The Ageless Woman, pioneering holistic physician Dr. Serafina Corsello presents a comprehensive, pragmatic approach for today - based on more than a quarter century of clinical experience with natural healing and the latest medical research.

Corsello identifies seven aging forces genetic glitches, negativity and alienation, unhealthful lifestyle, toxins, devitalized detox organs, impaired immunity and hormonal imbalance. She then addresses each force one by one, providing proven natural self-care strategies for healing and rejuvenation. As an expert in longevity medicine and endocrinology, Corsello presents cutting-edge information on natural menopause management and anti-aging hormones. Other rarely covered topics include chronic metal toxicity, and chelation and cell rejuvenation therapies.

List Price: $19.95 Paperback - 322 pages (June 23, 1999) Corsello Communications, Inc.; ISBN: 0967221900

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