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The Detox Book: How to Detoxify Your Body to Improve Your Health, Stop Disease, and Reverse Aging, 2nd Edition by Bruce Fife


Booklist... Substances that are toxic to our bodies come at us from all directions: the air we breathe, the food we eat, the water we drink, the cleaning products we use, and the metabolic waste produced inside us. Toxins build up in the body faster than they can be removed, contributing to premature aging and chronic and degenerative diseases. Fife, a nutritionist, naturopath, and codirector of an alternative health center, provides a comprehensive handbook of detoxification therapies, including healthy nutrition, fasting, juicing, oxygen and heat therapies, exercise, and kidney and liver cleansing... Penny Spokes

Reader Review... This is my favorite natural health book. I have gone through Dr. Fife's detox program and feel healthier than I ever have. This isn't a simple 10 day detox program but an intense cleaning out of the entire body.

List Price: $20.00 Paperback - 208 pages (September 1, 2001) Piccadilly Books; ISBN: 0941599329

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Anti Aging Tape Text Excerpt - Maximizing HGH: "And now affirmations about reversing the aging process: "I look younger than most people my age" "I feel better than I did 5-10 years ago." "I look and feel younger week by week" "My body's levels of human growth hormone, melatonin, DHEA and zinc are approaching the levels of those substances that I had at age 30."

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