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Meditation As Medicine : Activate the Power of Your Natural Healing Force by Dharma Singh Khalsa, Cameron Stauth, Dharma Singh, MD Khalsa, Joan Borysenko

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Long-term meditators experience 80 percent less heart disease and 50 percent less cancer than nonmediators, according to a large body of studies. Meditation has been shown to improve sleep and reduce chronic pain. Not all meditation is equally effective, however. Dharma Singh Khalsa, M.D., has developed a form of advanced meditation he calls "Medical Meditation," which "more fully addresses every element of our physical and ethereal makeup... a full-service approach." Medical Meditation is an adaptation of kundalini yoga combined with meditation, using specific breathing patterns, posture and movements, mantras, and mental focus.

Different Medical Meditation focus on different physiological benefits for specific conditions, so once you've learned the basics, you can choose a specific Medical Meditation for high blood pressure, to improve digestion, or to strengthen the immune system or the heart, for example. Line drawings illustrate the postures, and Khalsa's stories about his patients are inspiring and involving.

Meditation as Medicine is not a brisk read or a "read-today-do-tomorrow" guide, however. Be prepared to immerse your mind in a study of chakras, mantras, breathing exercises, movement exercises, poses, and meditations--and discipline yourself to practice Khalsa's techniques patiently. Are the benefits worth all the work involved? Khalsa thinks so: "For the ill and injured, Medical Meditation is not a problem. It's a solution."

Khalsa is both a physician and a yogi. He is board certified in anesthesiology, pain management, and antiaging medicine, and president and medical director of the Alzheimer's Prevention Foundation. Cowriter Cameron Stauth, author of 12 books, was named Journalist of the Year by the National Health Foundation. --Joan Price

List Price: $25.95 Hardcover - 298 pages (February 2001) Pocket Books; ISBN: 074340064X ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.12 x 9.55 x 6.57

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